Raindrop technique

Raindrop owes its name to the specific mode of applying pure essential oils by dripping from the bottle to the spine area that reminds of the "drops of rain", which is also the main feature of Raindrop massage. Raindrop was introduced to the general public by controversial American Donald Gary Young, who allegedly studied Lakota Indians' healing techniques. Raindrop is a technique born of belief that in the nervous system sleeps a series of pathogenic microorganisms, most commonly the virus. According to this theory, such chronic infections can cause a number of problems, ranging from affecting the human mood to spine distortion such as scoliosis. Regardless of beliefs, it is certain that the raindrop technique is very enjoyable and useful and helps relieve muscles. The essential oils used are also antimicrobial. Therefore, the raindrop may be a great choice for acting on general mood and relaxation, in conditions of stress and nervousness, nervous exhaustion, insomnia, minor spinal disturbances (scoliosis, rash, lumbo-ulceration) or discomfort and back pain, a prevention of the occurrence of cold and flu, as well as in the cases of autoimmune diseases (multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis ...).

Source: Stribor Markovic script "Raindrop Technique"

Texts were edited by Stanislava Štingl