Hot stone massage

Hot Stone is a massage technique that brings a balanced state of the whole organism. For centuries mankind has attributed to the rock the therapeutic effect that is constantly being scientifically proven. Hot stone massage has an extraordinary effect on drainage and release of harmful substances from the body, it works well against stress and tension, muscle clutter, poor circulation, various rheumatic conditions, back pain, anxiety, insomnia and depression.

The temperature of the stones is transferred to the body with the help of conduction (heat transfer from the body to the body in direct contact). The longer the application, the deeper penetration of heat into the muscle tissue and joints. Heat transfer can be up to 4 cm deep. After the body was exposed to hot stones, red spots could be seen as side effects. The reason for this is increased circulation in that part of the body.

Hot stone massage uses basaltic stones of the vulcanic origin of black color which due to its excellent properties of high and low conductivity, has a beneficial effect on the whole body. Basalt stones have their own calming energy that can stimulate circulation and increase cell metabolism. The fuller relaxation effect is achieved by using high quality, chemotyped essential oils.

For cold stone massage, marble stones are used in white color because they do not retain the warmth of the human body. Cold stones help reduce swollen, inflammation and fever and are used to massage face, neck and neckline before the end of the treatment with hot stones to stimulate body refreshment.

Contraindications for massage:

  • all conditions that are contraindicated for massage
  • an operation involving nerve damage (usually sensitivity has been reduced in these areas)
  • diseases with neuropathy or nerve damage, diabetes, etc.
  • skin diseases that are provoked by moisture or heat
  • people taking medicines that may have side effects due to temperature changes
  • heart disease; the temperature further forces the heart
  • varicose veins (cold is more useful)
  • autoimmune dysfunctions such as chronic fatigue syndrome or any other condition associated with immune system disorders

Source: Zdenka Bosnjak script "Hot stone massage"

Texts were edited by Stanislava Štingl