Classic manual facial massage

It is used to nourish facial skin to improve overall health and aesthetic appearance of the person. This manual technique combines with specific face formulations (by type and skin condition).

After massage the skin gets pink color and becomes more resistant and increases its elasticity and tone. Cosmetic preparations with a deep effect are better applied to such stimulated skin. So, the basic effects of facial massage are: cleansing, stimulation, relaxation, toning and regenerating the skin.

Planning the type and order of massage is done after a detailed examination of the skin and the setting of a cosmetic diagnosis. By using a massage technique, the ultimate result of massage should be relaxation. A well-chosen massage is a base and a good preparation for all the following treatments.

Indications for manual facial massage:

  • normal skin that requires deep cleaning and establishing a balance, fat and moisture
  • dry and dehydrated skin requiring deeper stimulation, skin peeling and regeneration
  • young, problematic and oily skin that requires cleansing, toning and improving the cellular activity of the skin tissue
  • sensitive skin that needs better skin pH stabilization

Contraindications for manual facial massage:

  • extremely sensitive skin prone to allergic reactions
  • skin with highly expanded capillaries
  • in the case of a wound on the face
  • skin that has an inflammatory process
  • in the case of all forms of acne, except in the stage of scars
  • very relaxed and mild skin
  • heavier infectious diseases, asthma, etc
  • in case of burns or sunburn
  • if there are signs of bleeding on the skin
  • in case of malignant diseases

Source: Zdenka Bosnjak script "Classical Manual Massage"

Texts were edited by Stanislava Štingl