Anti-cellulite massage

Cellulite is a skin aesthetic problem caused by excessive accumulation of fat and water in fat cells and inadequately high quality connective subcutaneous tissue. Cellulite is not a look of modern times. There has always been as problem that almost all women encounter regardless of the constitution of the body and are most commonly manifested on the thigh, abdomen and buttocks skin.

For the formation of cellulite, the interplay of subcutaneous fatty tissue with connective subcutaneous tissue is important. Aging due to degradation of collagen in the dermis weakens the supporting function of the connective tissue, causing the fatty cells to penetrate through the network of collagen fibers in the dermis and suppress the epidermis outward, causing specific wrinkles and nodules typical of cellulite. Connective dermal tissue above the fat tissue in men is, unlike women, very uniform and therefore cellulite is more common in women.

Factors for the formation of cellulite are: genetics, female sex hormones, insufficient physical activity, inadequate water intake during the day, improper diet, stress

Classification of cellulite according to skin appearance:

  • TYPE I - the surface of the skin is unchanged
  • TYPE II - the skin is unchanged when it comes to standing or lying, but when the skin is pinched cellulite is slightly visible
  • TYPE III - the skin appears to be wrinkled and has a lump without a pinch
  • TYPE IV - the skin is significantly knotted and the lumps are extremely visible at all stages

To remove cellulite, it is important to reduce the volume of fat cells and improve circulation of blood and lymph. The most effective solutions for cellulite removal are the combination of various methods such as massage, oral administration of anti-cellulite preparations, dermal application of anti-cellulite preparations in the form of oily serums, gels, massage bars and mandatory regulation of daily diet. It is important to emphasize that there are no fast solutions! As cellulite was not created in a day, it will not disappear for a day. Influencing cellulite-inducing factors, at least the ones we can influence, will bring us visible results.

Removal of cellulite begins with the spring detoxification of the body, starting from three weeks of cleansing colon with flax or chia seeds, then three weeks of kidney cleansing with tincture of nettle and in the end three weeks of liver cleansing with tincture of radix of dandelion.

Anti-cellulite manual massage improves disturbed microcirculation, stimulates metabolism and lymph system, and accelerates the secretion of harmful substances. It helps accelerated and improved penetration of active ingredients from anti-cellulite creams and drainage oils. The basic purpose of active ingredients in anti-cellulite preparations is to affect the metabolism of adipocytes (fatty cells), to stimulate lipolysis (fat degradation) and also to stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation, which is achieved by macerated oils of hedera helix and hydrocotyle asiatica, and essential oils such as atlas cedarwood, cypress, sage, rosemary ct. cineol...

It is also recommended to consume liquids (water or tea) to avoid possible dehydration of organism, accelerate metabolism and stimulate kidney function. In this way, we help eliminate toxins from the body.

Source: Rudolf Weyergans "Active against cellulite"

Texts were edited by Stanislava Štingl