Ana-Marija Busić, aromatherapist

Entrance into the world in which I find myself today, happened in 2006 with a program for Manufacturers and processors of medicinal and aromatic herbs. At the end of the program in 2007 I was briefly appointed an expert guide in the botanical garden of medical herbs "Suban". As I fell in love with herbs and aromatic herbs I started raising blackberry plants myself. I was involved in the production and processing of blackberry until 2012 when it was time to admit that the plantation can not be fully devoted and that I should go on further.

Since 2006, the desire to deal with natural cosmetics was glowing inside of me, but I always somehow took the longer way to fulfill it. Issawi's law of road and progression reads: "The shortcut is the greatest distance between two points!" and today I know I've gone the right way.

Looking for a way to satisfy that impulse, I've completed pre-qualification for a cosmetician in 2015, then the Aromatherapy program, Tui na Massage technique, Hot Stone massage, Raindrop technique and Tincture workshop.

From my first made product on a natural basis my use of commercial preparations has ceased. I usually try my products out myself first, which gives me an insight into what I'm selling. I could never sell something that I did not believe in or allow my name to stand behind it.

In 2017, Aromatic Touch Of Nature, which is just awaiting development, is finally emerging. I do not have years of experience behind me, but I am ready to invest 120% in everything I do as in any business so far. I love this job and I do not feel like I'm working! I know there is still a lot of learning ahead of me and I will never stop educating, but I am also grateful for having opportunity to learn from the best teachers - Zdenka Bosnjak and Stribor Markovic. I do not know in which direction my life will go on, but right now I am enjoying this journey knowing that some day I will return to planting and fully satisfy that inner desire.

Ana-Marija Busić, aromatherapist